What I mind about the Startups Era

I am observing the Swiss startup ecosystem for some time now. I actually run a startup myself. I like it. I think that in Switzerland we still need to be more vibrant as a community and I am sure that it will get there really, really soon. Still, I mind things.

The equilibrium index problem

In this post I will explain how to solve a problem which is very often appearing on technical interviews. I hope that my article will help you to understand this simple concept and will make resolving similar issues much easier and in a more efficient manner.

Microsoft got it right! (shi-i-it!)

For some time I was looking for some syntax sugaring for JavaScript that would help me maintain and manage codebase for my latest project which requires really a lot of JavaScript code. After evaluating CoffeeScript and TypeScript I was really surprised that this time M$ got something right! Whoa!

Frameworks, tools, boilerplates and other bullshit..

You've decided on starting a business on your own. You've read all about it, you know everything starting with how to talk to customers and ending up on what product you want to build and how to build it. You put your sleeves up, and then the productivity nightmare starts..