= Configure Wasabi with S3 CLI =

In order to use wasabi via the amazon aws cli tool, there are a couple of additional steps you have to execute.

Create API access keys

Create API access keys via the wasabi UI https://console.wasabisys.com/#/access_keys

Install and configure the aws cli tool

In order to install and configure the AWS CLI tools, run these commands:

$ brew install awscli
$ aws configure --profile <name>

Configure endpoints

To avoid the need to set the --endpoint-url for every command, you can use the endpoint plugin:

$ pip install awscli-plugin-endpoint
$ aws configure --profile wasabi set s3.endpoint_url https://s3.wasabisys.com
$ aws configure --profile wasabi set s3api.endpoint_url https://s3.wasabisys.com

Verify configuration

After that confirm that your ~/.aws/config looks something like this:

[profile <name>]
region = us-east-1
s3 =
    endpoint_url = https://s3.wasabisys.com
s3api =
    endpoint_url = https://s3.wasabisys.com

#3 Verify that everything works

$ aws s3 ls --profile <name>

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